Automatic Crimped Case Separator and Depositor

The Cup Case Depositor or Muffin Case Denester was originally designed by Rational Automation. Although imitated by many, it is still the best available.

All Denesters are custom built to suit any baking plant or packing line that uses crimped foil or crimped paper muffin cases. The basic design allows for considerable latitude in the positioning of the unit and is suitable for all conveyor wide variety of conveyor and even band designs.


When clear of the Air Jets and with one case securely held on each Suction Head the complete Suction Head Assembly rotates 180°. The ejection of the cases from the heads is synchronised with the movement of the tray or baking band by the machine’s own PLC or by responding to a remote signal.

The PLC controls all the movements and functions of the Rational Cup Case Depositor. This repeatable reliability when coupled with the unique Rational separating system offers an unrivalled ability to cleanly separate and deposit crimped aluminium foil cases and paper muffin cases. Production time is not lost on cleaning up after “missed” cases and production speeds can be maintained (and in some instances increased) with greatly reduced labour costs.

Rational’s patented Suction Heads and Vacuum Manifold system achieves an outstanding rate of single deposits of aluminium foils with minimal case distortion, which in most instances could not be matched even by manual methods.

Nests of cases are stacked, at the required pitches in magazines above the machine. They are withdrawn from below by Vacuum Suction Heads and pass through the first separation stage as they leave their magazines. The motion is arrested whilst a second separation stage takes place. This very effectively frees the cases on the Suction Heads from any others should they still be joined. Once separated the Suction Heads pass further down and through air jets where - should any cases remain lingering, they are sent back to the magazine by small jets of air. After the second stage the suction heads and cases continue the downward motion to clear.