As a thank you from BSA for you visiting our website, we have a few tips and advice that will save you money and also reduce your impact on the environment:

Electronics Off

Turn off all electrical devices such as your TV and computer when you are not using them. If you leave your TV or computer on all day and night each one will cost you about £50 a year. If you turn them off over night and when you are not using them, it could save you 30% and also increase the expected lifetime of each appliance. If you turn the appliance off at the plug rather than using the standby option you could save yourself a further 6% off your energy bills.

Lights Out!

Save electricity and money by making sure lights are not left on when rooms in the home or office are not being used. If you turn unused lights off you could reduce your lighting bill by about 15%. To further reduce your lighting bills, replace the current light bulbs with energy saving ones.

Wasting Water

If you do not turn your taps off completely or you have a tap that consistently drips you could be wasting 300,000 to 500,000 litres of water each year, which could be costing you over £300 a year.

Heat Factor

Heating can be one of the most expensive bills you will pay each month. If windows and doors are left open when the heating is one, then a lot of the heat will be lost. It is also good to keep the house or office temperature at a consistent level. For every one degree you put your heating up you will increase your heating costs by about 8%, so if you are feeling slightly cold, find a jumper rather than head for the thermostat.


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