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800 Series Expander

The 800 Series Expander features a reversible collar that is flush one side and recessed by 3.2mm on the reverse. These are also interchangeable with Airetoo Wicksteed and Teco 800 expanders. Suitable for use with the Cyclone and Tornado


800 EXP.pdf



Range covers tube sizes from 12.7mm (1/2”) OD. Up to 38.1mm (1 ½”) OD.

Available with 38.1mm (1 ½”) or 57.1mm (2 ¼”) Roll lengths for tube sheet thickness from 12.7mm ( ½”) to 57.1mm (2 ¼”).

Each expander features a reversible collar, flush one side, recessed by 3.2mm (1/8”) on the reverse side.

Totally interchangeable with Airetool, Wicksteed and Teco 800 expanders. 5 roll expanders also available.

Tube Range (METRIC)

12.5mm To 38mm OD

Tube Range (IMPERIAL)

1/2" To 1 1/2" OD

Tube Range (GAUGES)

8 - 20 BWG

Tube Range (REACH)

12.5mm To 57.1mm