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Cutting Tools, Countersinks, Counterbores, Deburring Tools

BSA Regal Cutting Tools Ltd (formerly Robert Charles Tools) manufacture and supply high quality M35 HSS with 5% cobalt cutting tools. The combination of the skills of the staff, with over thirty years of well proven experience and the strength and stability of BSA Regal has given the Robert Charles brand that people knew and respected a great future where it can grow.

Our Products

Standard cutters that we manufacture and supply from an extensive range can be supplied on a same or next day delivery and most ‘specials’ i.e. cutters with non standard angles, lengths or diameters, are also able to be supplied on a next day delivery service.

The large range includes, but is not limited to, a large variation of cobalt Single Flute, Rose and Piloted Countersinks, 3 Flute and Taper Shank Countersinks, metric and imperial Counterbores, De-Burring Tools, Solid / Integral and Detachable Piloted Countersinks. Special products such as 4 Flute Countersink with offset flutes, extra long shanks, oversize taper shank counterbores with detachable pilots and many others can also be made to customers’ specific requirements.

Have a Requirement?

We are able to manufacture a large variety of high quality cutting tools, whether you need a 60°, 82°, 90° or 120° 8% cobalt solid pilot countersink, zero flute countersink, multi fluted cobalt countersink with varying metric or imperial / US sizes #10; #21; #30; #40 , please feel free to contact us with your specification and we'd be happy to give you a price that we are sure you will be happy with.

Our Standard

Quality, service and price, of equal emphasis, have become the three fundamental characteristics of BSA Regal Cutting Tools since joining BSA Regal

Quality is the result of the proper resources correctly employed and augmented by a rigorous ISO 9001 quality system - all standard tools are manufactured in premium quality M35 High Speed Steel with 5% Cobalt.

Customer service is a distinct feature within BSA Regal Group and is what has driven the Group to where it is today. BSA Regal recognises that a long standing good reputation for service can be easily lost and very difficult to recover.

Price, now appearing more and more, to be the primary factor for some customers, cannot be neglected. BSA Regal Cutting Tools has invested heavily in the most efficient CNC machine tools and systems, to reduce production times. The consequential lower cost has enabled BSA Regal to offer an un-matched product discount structure. This, coupled with the additional benefit of an annual turnover based rebate scheme, puts BSA Regal’s prices way up in the ‘best value’ category.

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